EyeMix collaborative venture is spearheaded by Ariel Vromen and Solo Avital, who bring unparalleled expertise from the worlds of film, post-production, and music. Together, they’ve set a course for EyeMix to revolutionize digital art and post-production in live performances.

This partnership extends beyond their duo, collaborating with a handpicked team of digital artists, each possessing specialized skills that enrich our creative palette. This collective passion for music and visual art is the heartbeat of our mission, allowing us to infuse creativity with unmatched precision in our visual projects.


We offer a broad spectrum of digital art services, meticulously designed to cater to the evolving needs of our clients:

  • 3D Animation
  • AI-Generated Art and Music Compositions
  • 3D stage and visuals design integration
  • Curated visuals for special events
  • Promotional videos

We strive to forge unforgettable visual narratives that connect deeply with audiences across the globe, pushing the limits of imagination and creativity.

The extensive experience of our founders and collaborating artists sets the stage for EyeMix Visuals’ innovative edge. We continually explore and integrate the latest technologies to deliver extraordinary art experiences, with music.